Solutions To Prevent Household Clutter

Solutions To Prevent Household Clutter

It takes no time at all for homes to get cluttered. They are not dirty, they just appear unorganized. Family members cannot find needed items, some things can get broken or crushed by other items placed on top of them. One or two tips can help prevent clutter. The first step is to clear away current clutter.

That does not mean moving items from one room to another. Go through piles of clutter and decide what to keep and what to throw away. Most clutter is simply old papers, advertisements, or a program from the last play seen. A great deal ends up in the trash. Items that are kept need a permanent place.

Inexpensive Products

There are products and organizers available for common items that easily become clutter. Key hooks are a perfect example. These are inexpensive, offered in a variety of styles and colors to match any decor, and are sized to fit on the wall right by the door. House, car, and school locker keys can be placed there so they are not lost every other day. The trick is to be consistent when it comes to putting them back.

Compact caddies for mail are found everywhere. There are slots for bills, cards, and outgoing mail. A small drawer for stamps is included. Ottomans that double as storage cubes, end tables with shelves or drawers, and decorative boxes are all excellent places to store items and eliminate clutter.

Storage Units

Self Storage Units are also a simple and inexpensive way to prevent clutter. When the attic if full, closets have no more room, and no backyard exists for a shed, Self public storage facilities are a convenient solution. Depending on the company selected, items will be safe, accessible, and protected from damage.

Climate-Controlled Units

Due to the humid climate and the high temperatures, most Self Storage Facilities in Pompano Beach FL offer climate-controlled units. These may come at a slightly higher monthly cost, but it is worth it to avoid damage. A variety of sizes for Storage Units in Pompano Beach FL will offset the rate because renters will not have to pay for more space than they need.


Not all companies have daily access to units. Some are only opened during the week and are closed in the evenings. That is inconvenient for people who work or attend classes during the day. Find one that utilizes personal access codes to provide access seven days a week.

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