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Imagination Games

- complete a written risk evaluation for workplace violence;
- prepare a written workplace violence and harassment policy; and
- develop programs and procedures to implement the policy.

The chance assessment must add an evaluation of a employee's individual security throughout the span of his or her work with or beyond your manager's premises.

Companies that are mindful or ought reasonably to understand a scenario of domestic physical violence are required to take every precaution that is reasonable protect their employees from it within the workplace.

The insurance policy and procedures need to do the annotated following:

- control the risk of violence and harassment as identified by the assessment;
- enable workers to get crisis help when it comes to real violence, its risk or danger, also to report physical violence and harassment to your company;
- set out something of exactly how an company will investigate complaints from their employees;
- cope with training workers to make sure policy conformity within the workplace.
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Everything covered within the worker training
The expense; their obligations; what things to avoid; things to look out for
How to handle complaints, including how to report

Tip 7: Thoroughly investigate all harassment complaints.

Not all allegations of harassment are of equal merit or severity. The main one absolute, nonetheless, is: never ignore a harassment grievance, whether made formally or being an informal gripe.

Listen to all ongoing events concerned
Maintain confidentiality (towards the extent feasible)
Communicate the total link between the investigation to your complainant and accused
Take action that is appropriate e.g., feedback, training, coaching, guidance, disciplinary action, termination

Suggestion #8: Protect complainants, witnesses and accused from retaliation.

Not only formal retaliation by the company, but in addition informal retaliation by employees, e.g., gossiping or shunning.
You may want to think about an "in good faith" caveat, i.e., fabricated complaints will never be tolerated and will be at the mercy of disciplinary action. If so, very carefully differentiate this from honest complaints manufactured in good faith, which are discovered not to take violation of legislation or policy.

Suggestion 9: Document all of the above.

You probably won't be in a position to avoid harassment/discrimination lawsuits or EEOC charges from being filed against your organization. But you can guarantee a finding that is favorable. Our advice:

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